AT&T Not Only Limiting Facetime, Now Said to Discontinue Tablet Subsidies

The iPad’s biggest 3G and 4G carrier has been under a lot of scrutiny in the media lately for the way it is dealing with Apple’s upcoming iOS upgrade. Version 6.0 will finally let iPhone and iPad users make FaceTime calls over cellular networks. AT&T recently announced that it will only offer 3G or 4G Facetime calls to subscribers using the company’s new Mobile Share plan.

Yesterday, EndGadget reported that AT&T will now discontinue their subsidized tablet plan. It is like they are trying to dissuade people from using their network at all.

An internal memo sent to EndGadget by an unnamed “tipster” shows that after August 19, AT&T customers will not longer have a two-year pricing option. The only option available to tablet buyers will be the no-commitment price.

The previous price plans for a two-year contract were $35 for 3GB of 3G or 4G data and $50 for 5GB. The non-commitment plan is only $30 per month or $50 per month, but users must also pay $10 per month for Mobile Share (plus what ever other fees apply to that plan). Additionally, if you signed a two-year commitment, you still have to pay the $10 extra for Mobile Share if you want to use Facetime, making your subsidized plan more expensive than the non-commitment price.

This type of reshuffling and hidden fee manipulation is the perfect reason to get your tablet somewhere else. Why let AT&T confuse you with their sneaky data buckets and choked Internet access when you can get your iPad from one of the other carriers.

[via EnGadget]

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