More Pictures of Internal iPad Mini Parts Leaked

Photos of alleged iPad mini parts have been leaking out all week, with new pictures released today from iResQ. According to the site, the photos depict the dock connector and the headphone flex jack cables for both the upcoming iPhone and the iPad mini.

The picture above shows two 8-pin dock connector and headphone jack assemblies, with the iPad mini parts on the left. The parts on the right belong to the next generation iPhone.

The parts are shown in both black and white, so it’s safe to assume that the next generation iPhone and the smaller version of Apple’s iPad will be available in both black and white.

As in other photos that were revealed this week, it appears that the iPad mini will have a headphone jack at the bottom of the device rather than the top, which is not consistent with leaked iPad mini cases.

These parts, which have a number of 821–1516, are the first internal component photos that have been leaked. There’s been no confirmation that an iPad mini actually exists, but the parts are too big to fit in an iPhone.

News sites have pegged September 12 as the date that we will be seeing the new iPhone, and there’s a good chance that Apple will announce the iPad mini at the same time.

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