AT&T Limits FaceTime Over Cellular to Customers with Data Share Plans

In what is likely to be an unpopular move, cell phone company AT&T has announced that only customers who partake in its data share plans will be able to use FaceTime over cellular connections.

Apple first announced that FaceTime would be available over 3G/4G connections in iOS 6 back in June, but added that individual carriers would still be able to decide whether or not to offer the service.

In July, it looked like AT&T was planning to charge an additional fee to use FaceTime with a cellular connection when an iOS 6 error message popped up instructing users to activate the service, but today, AT&T clarified its stance on 3G/4G FaceTime.

The company will be allowing users free access to FaceTime with a cellular connection, with one caveat – only subscribers who have a Mobile Share plan will be able to use it.

That means AT&T subscribers who currently have unlimited data plans, or the less expensive individual plans will have to stick to FaceTime over WiFi. If you want to access FaceTime without WiFi on your iPad or your iPhone, you’ll have to pick up one of AT&T’s new plans.

For many of us that were grandfathered in to cheaper data options, this is not a viable option. If you use AT&T, will you be changing your plan?

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  • Peter Rafferty

    Dirt bags. ie: mother and daughter doing a facetime call on shared plan get hit for a double data charge. That will kill that data plan twice as fast.

  • oandroido

    I wish Steve was here. He’d spank them hard, and not in a good way.

    C’mon Apple, don’t get pushed around.