Must Have Accessories For Tailgating Parties

We covered apps for tailgating earlier this week, including some great barbecue and drink apps, but if you’re planning on a high tech tailgate soiree, you’ll also need the requisite iPad accessories.

After all, how will you grill without a proper thermometer, and what tailgating party lacks great tunes? If you want to host the ultimate tailgate party, make sure to check out our list of must have tailgating tools.

iGrill ($79.99) – The iGrill is a grilling/cooking thermometer and app that works with your iPhone or your iPad, using a long range Bluetooth connection. With the iGrill, you place a probe into whatever you are cooking, and the probe relays temperature to the iPad app, so you can keep an eye on the grill without needing to be right nearby. That means you can hang out and socialize at your tailgating party while those burgers and hotdogs practically cook themselves.


Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case ($52.95) – If you’re going to have your iPad outside in the parking lot, with concrete and asphalt all around, you will need an ultra protective iPad case. That’s where Gumdrop comes in. The DropTech iPad case is rugged, durable, and most importantly, it looks good. It’s got shock absorption and drop protection, so it will keep your iPad safe in even the most dangerous conditions. It’s also a great case if you’ve got kids. It comes in a variety of colors, from black to blue, purple, and orange.


Jawbone Jambox ($199) – We feature Jawbone’s Jambox a lot at PadGadget, and that’s because it’s simply one of the best small-sized speakers out there. The Jambox is stylish, portable, and most importantly, it gets consistently good reviews on perfomance and sound quality. This wireless speaker is powered by proprietary acoustic drivers, which are able to deliver extreme high and low frequences from a single small speaker. It’s loud, compact, and it sounds great, making it a good speaker solution.


Altec Lansing Portable Speaker Dock ($63.99) – If you’re looking for a cheaper speaker system for your outdoor parties, you won’t go wrong with this portable speaker dock from Altec Lansing. It works in portrait or landscape mode and features two built-in speakers for top quality sound. The dock is battery powered so it can go anywhere, and it even charges your iPad while it’s docked. If you happen to have AC power, there’s an included adapter.


Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation ($79.95) – The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation is a powerful portable battery, with 4000 mAh that will keep your iPad charged for most of the day, even with heavy usage. It has a charging output of 2.1 amps, so it’s not slow either, and the portable design means that it can go anywhere with you. This is the perfect portable charger for a day out. With the Juice Pack, you’ll never run out of battery on your iPad again.

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