GetGlu’s iPad App Helps You Find New TV Shows and Movies to Watch

GetGlueFor those of you already familiar with GetGlue, it will come as fantastic news to learn that they have released a really big update to their highly successful iPad app! Boasting a reimagined guide for shows, movies and sports the developers promise to improve the way you discover the television shows and movies that you want to watch on your iPad (plus they will deliver additional content about your favorite shows to your iPad while you are using it as a second screen)!

Instead of showing you a complex grid containing the zillions of potential shows you could be watching and letting you sift through to find the few that are of interest to you, the updated GetGlue app gives you a simple, personalized list of the programs (television shows, movies and sports) that you hate to miss.

A quick-to-become-your-favorite feature is the ability for the guide to prioritize that personalized view even further by making sure that new episodes bubble up over the reruns and get recommendations for new things you should see based on your established tastes (plus, take a look and see what your friends are watching directly from within the guide).

The second screen concept has been expanded even further with crazy amounts of social media potential: chat with your friends and other fans while you are watching TV, discover videos and images, read relevant tweets and reviews –everything you could possibly want from an electronic entertainment companion.

Sports fans will be especially impressed, with schedules, stats and live scores available directly in this app as well.

Want to see a movie on the weekend? GetGlue will even tell you which movies are playing in the theatres that are in line with what you like to watch.

GetGlue Screenshot

You can grab your copy of this updated app for your iPad from the App Store now for free. Versions for the iPhone and Android will come later in the fall.

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