ZooGue Releases New Genius Pro iPad Case

Popular iPad accessory manufacturer ZooGue has just announced the release of a newly updated iPad case, improving upon its original case that had adjustable angles, a headrest mount, and access to all ports.

The new case features a refreshed design that enhances the look, feel, and sound of the first version with additional protection and a snazzy redesign.

ZooGue’s Case Genius Pro was designed with complete protection in mind. The new version has a 5mm extended border, which helps to protect the delicate corners of the iPad.

This new border also improves the sound quality of the iPad, amplifying the sound and sending it back towards the user. ZooGue has also added magnets with a sleep/wake function to the cover of the case, keeping it safely closed when not in use.

The interior of the case has been improved with ultra-fine microfiber, which helps to defend against lint, dust, and pet hair, and while the original case was adjustable and could be set at many different angles, the new case has even versatility thanks to a more secure, stable base.

As with the original case, this version can be mounted to the headrest of your car and held securely in the hand with a wrist strap. It is constructed from genuine leather, and comes in three colors: black, gray, and pink.

The ZooGue Genius Pro iPad Case will begin shipping on August 15th, and can currently be pre-ordered from the ZooGue website.

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