Go Behind The Scenes In The Studio With Slash 360 — iPad App Review

Ask anyone who grew up in the 80s who the most influential guitarist in rock ‘n’ roll is and chances are you hear the name Slash. The former Guns N’ Roses axe grinder is still shredding his way through life. He recently teamed up with rock trio “The Conspirators” to record his newest album, “Apocalyptic Love.”

As luck would have it, Slash was also working with Mativision on an idea for a new app. Thus, Slash 360 was born. Slash 360 is a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of the band’s entire album… sort of.

The whole thing was shot with Mativision’s unique 360-degree camera technology, which allows users to look around the room and watch the band while they record.

The reason I say, “sort of,” is that the stuff we see in the app is not the actual album tracking. There is no way a band would record an album with the amps in the same room. The microphones would pick up external sound and the bleed would be impossible to remove in the edit room. The band went in for a final performance specifically for the video shoot. However, Slash assured me that what we see in the app is nearly identical to how the band actually recorded each individual song. The amps are just hidden behind closed doors (Keep an eye out for a sign that reads, “Slash’s Box. His amps are in that room during the album’s recording).

The app comes with a behind-the-scenes video of every single song on the album, which makes the price seem like a real bargain. You can’t download the music to your iTunes library, but you basically have a music video of the whole album for half the price of the actual record.

To watch the band in action, tap the “Apocalyptic Love 360” banner and select the song you want to watch. The video will start playing and you will see a small panel with the main camera features. You can either use the iPad’s internal gyroscope to virtually look around the studio using augmented reality, or keep the iPad in one place and simply swipe your finger across the screen to “look around.”

You can switch cameras to view the rest of the band. Camera one, or “C1” shows Slash and his shredding solos, while C2 gives you a close up of singer Myles Kennedy and C3 focuses on bassist Todd Kerns. C4 shows off drummer Brent Fitz’s chops. C5 sits in the center of the room, and C6 shows producer Eric Valentine bopping around to the sweet sounds of rock ‘n’ roll.

There are also 33 photos, including some candid shots of the band during recording, and links to Slash’s music on iTunes, various interviews with the band, tour dates and the online store where you can get all of your Slash gear. This app has it all.

There is a lite version of Slash 360 that lets you watch the recording of “You’re a Lie” for only $0.99.

What I liked: I loved being able to see the band perform every single song from the album. The fact that you can virtually look around the room makes it feel like you are right in the studio with them.

What I didn’t like: There are no instructions on how to use the app. I didn’t realize I could look around the room until I accidentally swiped my finger across the screen. I also didn’t realize that the app was augmented reality-capable until I tapped a mysterious icon that read “on” while I was walking down the hallway.

To buy or not to buy: The price is unbelievably low for what you get. The innovative way you can watch the band perform turns it into an interactive music video. If you are a fan of Slash and his current music career, you will want to add this app to your memorabilia.

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