Get the Latest News with These Top Football Radio Apps

Football season is about to begin, with less than a month to go until the big day. It’s time to start getting prepped for the games, and a good place to start is with a great radio app.

We’ve gathered up some of the best NFL radio apps, which you can check out after the break.

Football Radio – Pro & College Football (Free) – With Football Radio you can listen to both pro and college football games during the entire 2012 football season. You can stream live games directly to your iPad, and since this app includes all of the pro and college teams, you can listen to hundreds of football games. The app includes a schedule so you won’t miss a single live game, so even if you’re unable to get to a TV, you’ll know the latest scores instantly. This app works in the background so you can use other apps while you listen.


Pro Football Radio & Media ($0.99) – This highly rated app may cost you a buck, but it’s well worth the price. It promises to deliver the most teams and stations, with automatic updates, plus audio and video podcasts. With this app, you an listen to your favorite games throughout the season, plus catch live reports 24.7 during the week. Pro Football Radio & Media broadcasts games from over 30 teams, so you won’t miss anything during the season.


All Football Radio & Live Scores ($1.99) – All Football Radio provides radio stations for all NFL teams (though some games are unable to be broadcast because of NFL restrictions) and several college teams. The app, which has an easy to use interface, provides both radio and live scores, so you’ll always know how your teams are doing. You can save your favorite stations so you can keep track of all the teams that you want to follow, and the accurate schedule will make sure that you never miss a moment of each game.


Sports Radio+ (Free) – Sports Radio+ features 21 different sports oriented radio stations, including top stations from Houston, Nashville, Birmingham Cleveland, Philly, Boston, and the Bay Area. This app has a built-in web browser to surf the web while you listen, and you play audio in the background while using other apps. This app is a great choice for football season, but as a bonus, you can also use it all year long to listen to other sports too.

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