Get Healthier with a Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal HD – iPad App Review

MyFitnessPalJust about every one of you out there has wanted to lose a little weight at one point or another and get healthier.

Boasting the largest food database of any calorie counting tool with over 1.2 million entries, MyFitnessPal HD makes it exceptionally easy to log your food and exercise and make sure you are on the track to losing those extra pounds.

There are plenty of calorie counting apps and exercise trackers, but none as full featured and easy to use as MyFitnessPal HD. At every point that you think you would get overwhelmed and walk away, you will be surprised: it is so easy to add in the activities you perform (with over 350 exercises already entered including a full selection of cardio and strength training) and to search the database of foods to add the things you are eating (or use the built-in barcode scanner, though this is more of a novelty in my experience).

For meals you make often or your favorite recipes, use the built in creation and storage tools that let you reuse the data you enter and make it faster to add those groups of ingredients the next time.

Full support for the web interface as well as the mobile version mean using your computer, iPad or iPhone to sync against your account is seamless; no more excuses or reasons that you cannot update your food diary!

Reporting and tracking tools within the app allow you to set goals and monitor your progress, including graphing your weight loss and watching your measurements go down!

MyFitnessPal Screenshot

What I liked: This app promotes a fully healthy lifestyle instead of endorsing fads or crash diets; the weight you lose with an app like this are the kind you will keep off for life.

What I didn’t like: I wish you could take a test drive with this app before having to create an account and login. While I appreciate the benefits that come from having an account, some people may be a little overwhelmed or apprehensive when they haven’t seen how easy it is to use first-hand.

To buy or not to buy: If you need to get a little healthier, you have everything to lose and will hopefully stop gaining by grabbing this app.


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