First Picture of Alleged iPad Mini Internal Part Leaked, Plus Newly Rendered iPad Mini Images

We’ve heard a lot about the rumored iPad Mini, but for the first time, a photo has surfaced. A French website has shared a picture of what it claims is the flex cable component for the miniature tablet.

This cable contains Apple’s rumored smaller dock connector, the headphone jack, and the home button connector. It also has a part number that is consistent with the flex cable components of other Apple devices.

In its report, the French website mentions that it has consulted with Kyle Wiens of iFixit, who agrees that it is similar to other Apple components, but Wiens also said that he was not able to confirm its authenticity.

The cable component is similar in design to one that was leaked for the next generation iPhone, and unlike other renderings of the iPad Mini, the cable has the headphone jack next to the dock connector. That is the rumored placement for the upcoming iPhone, but thus far, all information on the iPad Mini seems to point to a headphone jack on the top edge of the tablet.

While that does call into question the veracity of the part, it could also mean that Apple has decided on a design that is similar to the next generation iPhone.

As we reported earlier today, 9to5Mac made some mockups of what an iPad Mini might look like, and now the site has added some 3D renders, giving a clearer look at the potential design of Apple’s mini tablet.

9to5Mac speculates that the iPad Mini will look like a larger version of Apple’s iPod touch, with a skinnier bezel than a full sized iPad.

Is this how you imagined Apple’s iPad Mini to look? Do you think this resembles the final product, or does Apple have some tricks left up its sleeve?

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  • CarterMorgan

    I am very excited to see the iPad Mini components leaked onto the internet! Even if it’s not real, it still makes me happy to see that the possibility is still strong. I first heard a rumor about the new iPad from a coworker at Dish and I am really excited to get one! I currently have an iPad 2 that I take everywhere with me, but having a mini iPad would allow me to leave my full sized one at home when I leave the house. I would love to be able to watch live TV on the Dish Remote Access app, since my DVR is connected to a Sling Adapter, especially on an easier to hold tablet. Hopefully we hear something from Apple next month about this great device’s release date!