Turn Your iPad Into A Workstation With WingStand — Hands-on iPad Accessory Review

It is fairly common knowledge that the iPad’s touch screen keyboard, while well designed for what it is, is not exactly useful for extended typing. Accessory makers have capitalized on that and made an industry out of Bluetooth-enabled devices that allow users to connect an external keyboard for a full-featured typing experience. Apple’s own Wireless Keyboard is the perfect companion for the iPad. However, the tablet still needs an additional stand in order to keep it upright and viewable while typing. The WingStand fixes that problem without it taking up any additional space or covering your iPad at all.

We told you about the WingStand last year when it skyrocketed in popularity during its Kickstarter campaign. The developers needed $9,500 to get the project off the ground. By the end of the campaign, the WingStand had earned nearly $59,000 from backers and early adopters who wanted to get their hands on one right away.

Created from recycled plastic, the WingStand is composed of two small clamps that are perfectly formed to fit over the battery compartment of your Apple Wireless Keyboard. The sturdy little clips fit snuggly with the rounded backside of the keyboard and can be adjusted to fit different lengths. You can slide the WingStand toward the outer edge to hold the iPad in landscape mode, or move the clips inward to set the tablet in portrait mode.

The durable and eco friendly plastic is molded by using injection molding and is 100 percent, made in the USA.

Because the WingStand is completely adjustable you can use it to display just about any device. Your iPhone and iPod touch can easily fit between the clamps, as well as any mobile device that is less than a half of an inch wide. Most tablets and phones fit into that category. While the WingStand is designed to clamp to the Apple Wireless Keyboard, it can also stand alone, making it the most portable, smallest iPad stand on the market.

You might think your iPad would topple over if you just set it on the WingStand without any additional weight, but the clips are designed to push against the tablet’s weight. It is as stable as an earthquake retrofitted building in San Francisco.

The WingStand is so small that you could shove it in the back pocket of your tightest jeans and it would still fit all the way in. The keyboard is less compact, but that is another issue. The clamps are also designed to clip together when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about losing one of them at the bottom of your gym bag.

The best thing about the WingStand is the remarkably low price. You can turn your iPad and Wireless Keyboard into a workstation with a small desktop footprint for the low price of only $14.95.

If you have an Apple Wireless Keyboard, you pretty much need the WingStand and you can order it in either white or black today from BiteMyApple.co.

Check out the video below to see the WingStand in action.

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