Top 5 Football Apps for Your iPad


Baseball may be America’s pastime, but football is America’s sport. Football fans are the most dedicated and loyal population, whether their passion lies with college teams, NFL or CFL (for those of you in Canada).

1. iScore Football Scorekeeper for iPadiScore Football Scorekeeper for iPad ($9.99) – Whether you are trying to score youth football, high school games, college games, or even professional games, iScore Football Scorekeeper for iPad is a visual masterpiece. Easily select the type of play (like Run, Pass and Kick) and place particular players into position on the field. For those looking to analyze data over a longer time period, this app lets you track over 150 statistics for Offense, Defense, and all Special Teams players (while exporting and sharing your data in EXCEL, CSV, and HTML formats).


2. NFL 12NFL ’12 (Free) – Is there anything more exciting than the new NFL season getting underway? With preseason action beginning this week the official NFL ’12 app is a must-have for any serious football fan. Filled with live scores and statistics, news and highlights you will never be behind on the latest happenings and standings. The app can also be customized to focus on your favorite team including specific alerts, news and features. Once the regular season starts up, you can also watch Thursday Night Football Live on your iPad with this app.


3. Sunday TicketSunday Ticket (Free) – Are you one of the lucky people with a DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ To-Go subscription (or if you are still trying to justify the purchase of one), consider that you will have access to this free app to watch every single game no matter where you are. Of course that isn’t all –this app also gives you access to highlights, scores and instant statistics making it valuable as a couch-side companion even if you are already catching the game on your television.


4. Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HDSports Illustrated Football Rivals HD (Free) – Part of the fun in cheering for your favorite team is hoping they beat out their rival. This app gives you the all-access pass to the key players, highlights, back story and statistics that make each major rivalry what it is (including Texas vs. Oklahoma, Auburn vs. Alabama, Florida vs. Georgia, Cowboys vs. Redskins, Army vs. Navy, USC vs. Notre Dame, Packers vs. Bears, Ohio State vs. Michigan, Cal vs. Stanford, Kansas vs. Missouri).


5. Madden NFL 12MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS™ For iPad ($6.99) – Want to get in the game (without having to get up off of the couch)? Nobody knows football games like Electronic Arts and Madden and this app is no exception! Begin by choosing one of the 32 NFL teams and battle it out in their “true-to-life stadiums” while making trades, tracking stats and creating the strategy for how to win it all. Additional modes and a custom-designed touch-screen interface make this the ideal football game for your iPad.


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  • Sparky Eliot

    Thanks for the list of apps to keep track of the upcoming
    NFL season; the first regular season can’t get here soon enough! I can’t get
    enough football, but I can’t be home every Sunday for the games. I will be
    using the Dish Remote Access App for my iPad to watch live NFL coverage and
    recorded games on my DVR. I watched last night’s recording of the Falcons game
    on my commute to Dish and I’m all ready to go for the season to begin. I’m
    hoping the Madden curse doesn’t rear its ugly head again!

    • lorygil

      @SparkyEliot, did you see the NFL Preseason Live app? You can start watching preseason game now (Requires a paid subscription though).

      • Sparky Eliot

        That’s sounds cool for live games, but I usually watch recorded ones. I like the preseason, but I’m more interested in seeing how players do versus the score. Thank goodness these games don’t count because my preseason pick-em is in the gutter! Thanks for the suggestion, who’s your favorite team?