Steve Jobs’ Home Ransacked by Burglar

Jobs House

Proving that it really doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in or whose name is on the mailbox, burglars recently broke into the late Steve Jobs’ 2101 Waverly Street home in Palo Alto on July 17 of this year.

Police have located and arrested Kariem McFarlin, 35, of Alameda in connection with the crime and if convicted he will face a maximum sentence of seven years and eight months (including an extra year received for ‘excessive taking of property’).

While the lost possessions, including personal items and computers were valued at over USD $60,000, it appears that the actual crime was random. In a statement made by Tom Flattery, Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney, it was indicated that from what they can tell the target was random and that McFarlin was unaware he was stealing from the home of the late Steve Jobs.

So far there are few other details known about the circumstances surrounding the theft, other than the home is currently undergoing major renovations. These updates to the house see the yard with a more flimsy chain-link fence around the perimeter and likely made it a much easier target –with work crews and other strangers already coming and going from the site.

There has been no official report, but due to the nature of the work (including changes to the roof-line) it seems unlikely that Laurene Powell Jobs and her children are currently living there.

If it is true that McFarlin was unaware that he was breaking into the late and former Apple CEO’s home he may now be wishing that he avoided his 15 minutes of fame and had instead chosen a lower profile target (or perhaps tried to steal something more valuable than even the $60,000 worth of goods he did attempt).

Perhaps inappropriate to ponder, but I wonder what goodies might be resting inside that home –tech gadgets that never saw the light of day, notebooks filled with scribbles and ideas… or maybe nothing interesting at all.

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