Meet a Giant Pickle, A Gnome and a Scary Mouse in the Silly Fun Adventures Of Miko and Cola – iPad App Review

The Silly Fun Adventures of Miko and Cola is a uniquely illustrated children’s story about two cats, named, you guessed it, Miko and Cola. These two cats are opposites; Miko is slow while Cola is impatient, but they both love to have fun.

In this story, Miko and Cola play dress up and watch television, then come across a scary mouse, a giant, house-smashing pickle, a gnome, and other fun creatures as they adventure through the story.

Miko and Cola’s graphics may or may not be to your taste. They are hand drawn and a bit unusual for a children’s story, with big eyes, dark colors, and oddly placed stitches. Some children may find these characters to be scary.

The story is narrated, but it also has several included voices for each different cat. There are animations on each page, and some of the pages have an interactive element, though it’s hard to tell what can be interacted with and what can’t.

For example, there’s nothing interactive on the first few pages, but on one page, kids can tap on a parrot to get a few parrot-like sayings.

The story itself is whimsical and fun, clearly coming from the brain of an imaginative child. It’s silly, funny, and engaging.

There are also songs included in this app, which can be accessed from the main menu. The songs are where this app really shines, because they are entirely interactive.

In the monster stomach song (the other is an additional in-app purchase) kids can feed the monster different foods, each of which makes a unique sound. As you play with the items in the song scene, new beats and sounds are unlocked for a fun and original music making experience.

What I liked: This is a sweet, nonsensical story that’s perfectly delightful for young children. It’s a got an imaginative storyline and uniquely drawn graphics.

What I didn’t like: The graphics are actually a bit scary – my young cousin who I typically share stories with did not like them. I also had a hard time determining what could be touched in each story. An added indicator for interactive elements would be great, and I’d also like to see an option to turn off some of the sounds, like the whistling. It got irritating quickly. I also experienced several crashes with this app.

To buy or not to buy: I’d take a look at the graphics before purchasing this app to make sure they’re to your child’s taste. This app doesn’t have a particular moral and it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, but it is great for imaginative children who love silly stories. I would, however, hold off on purchasing it until there’s an update for the crashing.

  • App Name: Miko and Cola
  • Version Reviewed: 0.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Gabuduck Inc
  • Price: $2.99
  • Score:

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