Double Turns Your iPad into a $1,999 Robotic Doppelgänger

Oh robots, why are we so fascinated with you? We love your inability to be totally human and your desire to do our bidding until you become self-aware and try to kill us with our own creations. Double Robotics has brought you one step closer to becoming one of us by creating a program that lets you become… one of us.

If you’ve ever attended a video conference meeting, you’ll know that it is impossible to see everything that is going on around the room. If the group travels from one room to another, you are at the whim of your carrier, even if that person decides to shove you into their purse. With Double, you control where you move by attaching your iPad to a remote controlled stand with wheels. The future has arrived.

Imagine you are invited to an important meeting across the country, but your wife is supposed to go into labor soon. Send your Double to the meeting’s location and have your colleges connect an iPad to the movable stand. Using the Double’s app, drive the stand around the room, commanding attention, while you stare right into the eyes of your peers. Whether they are sitting down or standing up, you’ll be able to talk face-to-face by adjusting the height of the stand with your remote driver app.

The 15-pound stand provides up to eight hours of battery life and only takes two hours to fully recharge. It supports the second and third-generation iPad, and the iPad is not included.

Preorder the Double today and have it by Christmas. Send it to your mother-in-laws and she’ll never even know you’re not really there. If you order now, you can get the Double stand for iPad for $1,999. Once it ships, the price goes up to $2,499.

Check out the video below of the Double on the move. It may seem kind of creepy, but we’ll get used to robots with our faces eventually.

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