Awesome Case Turns iPad into 1984 Vintage Mac

PadMacNot a single one of you out there can proudly label yourself as a true geek if you haven’t drooled over something at ThinkGeek at least once or twice. Well the team over there has done it again, introducing us to an iPad case that, by their words, lets us “Party like it’s 1984!” With equal parts nostalgia and awesome, you can wrap your iPad (generation 2 or 3) in the Padintosh which is basically a little Apple Macintosh-y goodness, circa 1984.

The case itself looks just like the Apple Macintosh, complete with a floppy disk slot and the then-trademarked beveling around the monitor.

For those of you who value practicality as much as the cool-factor, it is actually an ultra-thin 2mm hard casing that should serve to protect your iPad from minor accidents (scuffs and bruises) and will work happily with your existing Smart Cover.

It is true that there are endless options out there when you go shopping for an iPad case, but few will bring back memories and make your geek friends envious like this one can.

If you have made it to the end of this post without already clicking over to the ThinkGeek site to grab one, making one of thes bad boys all yours is easy, just head over to the ThinkGeek website and fork over USD $24.99 –a bargain for those of us with fond memories of a computer that was just a smidge less portable than the iPad.

The challenge you will face is only purchasing this one iPad case. I regularly share a good portion of my paycheck with the folks over at ThinkGeek on perfectly nerdy, clever and wonderful items that I realise I just can’t live without any longer (like an entire pantry full of caffeinated goodies or Air Picks that bring a little rock anywhere you go!

[via GizModo]

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    When is ThinkGeek going to sell an iPad Baconator?