Kids Can Make Sweet Beats With KBC Kids – iPad Game Review

Gabuduck apps, run by the father of a four-year-old, focuses on music oriented apps for kids. KBC Kids, one of the developer’s apps, is an amazing music creation app that young children will absolutely love.

In this app, kids will choose from two different musical scenes, rollercoaster and popsikini, each of which come equipped with a catchy soundtrack. In this scene, kids can interact with objects to create their own musical tracks.

For example, tapping on the rollercoaster adds a base beat, then tapping on the ferris wheel adds another beat, until there’s a mash up of sounds going, which kids can add to by continuing to tap on the items in the scene.

There are also instruments to the right of the screen where you can turn individual song elements on or off. For example, tapping the microphones will remove the vocals, and tapping the drums will remove the drum beat.

In addition to making sounds, the objects in the scenes are also animated, moving with every tap. As the song progresses, there’s an experience bar and a groove bar which fill up. Each time these fill up, a new musical element is introduced, so the fun just keeps going and going.

For example, flags are added, and then balloons, each with a unique sound, so the beat is continually evolving. It’s a ton of fun, even as an adult. It’s essentially a DJ app for kids, which is just plain awesome.

Kids can also record their own voices in this app, and add custom sounds in the customize section, for an entirely unique musical experience.

What I liked: This app is great. Musically inclined children are going to love this. If you have a long car trip or a plane ride coming up, get this app, a pair of headphones (trust me on this one) and your kids will be amused for quite awhile.

What I didn’t like: I had no complaints, but as I mentioned, I’d get this app with a pair of headphones. These are some catchy beats, but that’s a double-edged sword. While they’re fun to listen to, you may just have “do the roller coaster” or “eeny meeny popsikini” stuck in your head for days.

To buy or not to buy: If you have musically inclined children, or kids who love interactive iPad apps, this is a must buy. I got two thumbs up from my young cousin, who grooved with this app for the better part of an hour.

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