How Far Can You Throw a Paper Airplane? Find Out With Flight! – iPad Game Review

Flight, from Armor Games, was a popular Flash game before being ported to iOS. While it was fun on the computer, it’s even better on a touch screen, with precise touch and tilt controls, plenty of bonuses, and most importantly, awesome flying action.

The goal in Flight is to throw a paper airplane as far as you can, collecting stars and other bonuses while flying in order to upgrade your plane to get even further.

You will start the game with a basic paper airplane. To throw it, you’ll place a finger on the screen and swipe forwards to launch it into the air. At the very beginning, you won’t be able to control the plane, but you will soon gather enough stars (the currency in th game) to purchase upgrades.

These upgrades give you more control over your plane. The steering option will allow you to tilt your iPad to navigate with the paper plane, while the fire boost upgrade will boost your plane each time you touch the screen.

These special abilities cost fuel, which is in limited supply, so you must use your abilities wisely in order to get as far as possible while collecting as many stars as you can.

You will also want to grab red cranes whenever you are able to, because these cranes give a temporary bonus to the stars that you collect, making them worth $10 or $15 instead of $5. In later levels, the cranes can be upgraded to give you a slight speed boost.

The game is divided up into different locations, each with a set meter length to finish. The backgrounds that you fly over are gorgeous, and the planes are well designed. If you’re playing on a third generation iPad, trust me, Flight looks amazing.

There are quite a few upgrades, which make this casual game a ton of fun. There are upgrades for your overall plane, upgrades for fuel, and fun bonus upgrades that add new abilities to the game.

For example, one ability turns all of the stars into rainbow stars, which give you a boost, so you can rocket forwards. As you upgrade your plane’s basic abilities (including aerodynamics, weight, and your own throwing strength) your plane will continue to fly further and further.

I was pleased with the pacing of this game, which was done perfectly. You earn just enough money to keep the upgrades flowing, which, in turn, keeps the game exciting all the way through.

Usually when I review games I play them for an hour or two, but occasionally, a game is so addictive that I spend a lot more time with it. Flight is one of those games. I couldn’t put it down, and I suspect anyone who downloads it won’t be able to put it down either.

If you’re looking for a fantastic casual game to play, Flight is an excellent choice. It’s easy enough for kids to grasp, but complex enough for adults to enjoy, making it a fun game for all ages.

What I liked: Flight is impossible to put down. It’s an ultra simplistic flying game, but it’s a ton of fun to try to get further and further while saving money for upgrades.

What I didn’t like: I have zero complaints about Flight, and I found no bugs.

To buy or not to buy: Flight is currently free for a few days, so snap it up while you can. Even at its original price of $0.99, it’s a steal.

  • App Name: Flight!
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Armor Games
  • Price: $0.99/Free
  • Score:


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