Barnes & Noble Slashes Price of Nook, Will iPad mini Compete With Super-Low Prices?

The small tablet market has been established. There are not many 7-inch mobile devices out there, but they’ve made their mark and set the industry price. On Sunday, Barnes & Noble dropped the price of their tablet line in order to aggressively compete, making it even more likely that we will see a $300, or less, price tag attached to Apple’s rumored upcoming iPad mini.

As the rumor mill churns, the purported release announcement of Apple’s smaller tablet gets closer and closer. Everything that happens in the tablet market these days seems to be related to or a result of the iPad mini. When Barnes & Noble cut the price of their Nook line of tablets, the first thing on our minds was, “How will this affect the iPad mini?”

The 16GB Nook Tablet went from $249 to $199 while the 8GB model was cut from $199 to $179. As a comparison, The Galaxy Tab, which is still in a battle with Apple for infringement claims, costs $249 for an 8GB model, and Amazon’s 8GB Kindle Fire costs just $199.

Even though Apple is not known for offering its products at competitive retail prices, the company may feel pressure to launch the 7.85-inch tablet within the industry standard price range. We probably won’t see the iPad mini for $199. It is well known that Amazon sells their tablet at a loss. However, since the majority of smaller tablets are pricing at around $250, Apple may have a hard time convincing consumers that their device is worth more than $300.

Apple loyalists will not even blink if the company does release a smaller model iPad at a hefty price. We know that the company’s quality and infrastructure makes it worth the extra cost. However, consumers who still haven’t seen the light (or drank the Kool-Aid, depending on how you see it) will turn their nose at anything more expensive than $250.

Will Apple offer the iPad mini at bargain basement prices, or will the company still be able to make a mark with the smaller tablet with a premium price tag?

[via The Mac Observer]

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