Photos Leaked of Rumored New iPad and iPhone Dock Connector

Dock Connector

We have heard more than a few rumors that the new iPhone (and upcoming iPad, mini or otherwise) will contain a new style of dock connector. We don’t know for certain what it will look like, but thanks to some patent applications and supposedly leaked photographs, the theory is that it will be like the MagSafe proprietary magnetically attached charging mechanisms found in the MacBook lineup.

Now French site is contributing to the rumor mill with a series of images that they claim are parts from the upcoming iPhone 5.

This new dock connector appears much smaller than the USB connectors they are pictured beside, making it a considerable difference from the existing dock connector. A closer look shows a metal insertion piece that seems to have 8-gold pins (though an expert on such things indicated that the “metal frame counts as a grounding pin, which means it’s effectively a 9-pin connector”) and an orientation that could be flipped either direction.

This last point means it carries some of the benefit we see with MagSafe adapters (anybody who has tried to plug in the dock connector for their iPhone in a darkened room will tell you that inevitably you try it backwards the first time). With a distinct ‘plug-in’ feel, it isn’t quite the MagSafe design we may have liked –but that may make it a little more solid and less likely to come unplugged by accident.

The site itself claims that they cannot validate the accuracy of the images, but they are as possible as anything else we have seen so far.

The fortunate thing is that we probably don’t have too long to wait to see what ends up as a reality in the new iPhone 5. Expectations seem to be consistent for a fall release which means sometime in September or October (depending on which reports you believe). If you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll hold out hope for September as patience is not a virtue I possess.

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