Learn Coordination and Shape Recognition with Middle Age Hero – iPad App Review

Middle Age HeroMiddle Age Hero is not a game about a guy reaching his mid-life crisis and purchasing an entirely-too-ridiculous-for-himself sports car. Instead, it is an app for children that stars a Knight in a series of activities meant to teach coordination and recognition.

Begin your experience by entering your name so the app can congratulate you by name and load up the intro so you can get comfortable with the interface. Tap around the screen to see a few interactive elements come to life and meet the Middle Age Hero, Mr. Alfio.

Recognition skills are put to the test with “Where is the Knight” in which Mr. Alfio plays some hide-and-go-seek with you as you try and find him through the scene. A positive find results in fanfare and celebration, while misses and wrong-guesses give no reaction at all. It would be nice if there was a sound effect that indicated the selection was wrong, but the activity itself is easy to play and responsive.

Other activities in the app let you explore Mr. Alfio’s world while helping him to run and jump to collect coins, or demonstrate a little cause and effect by moving boulders forward to propel items across the screen. In Drag Cart your child will need to problem solve how to get their cart from point A to point B. Little ones who like puzzles will enjoy the Puzzle activity while others will favor Memory Matching cards with like-pictures or loading and driving the Happy Train.

Middle Age Hero Screenshot

What I liked: Learning apps that I can use with my children that don’t also carry a large learning curve are always a good addition to my iPad app library.

What I didn’t like: The menu for this game is very hard to read and navigate and the experience would be well served by some narration for the younger children that are being targeted by the developer.

To buy or not to buy: Those of you looking for a straightforward learning opportunity for younger children may be well served by grabbing this app.

  • App Name: Middle Age Hero
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Gaetano Consiglio
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:


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