Weird Sports Apps For The Weirdo in You – iPad App List

Sure, everyone loves a good game of football. When March rolls around, we’ve all got our iPad’s tuned to March Madness. What about sports that don’t follow the norm, the competitions that think outside the goalposts? For those of you who prefer a rousing game of underwater hockey more than the 10m freestyle, we’ve found a few apps that we think you’ll enjoy.

Ultimate Arm Wrestling (Free) Some people like college wresting, with all of those take-downs, reversals, near-falls, and pins. Some like professional wrestling with all of those People’s Elbows, Brainbusters, and Shining Wizards. Me, I prefer some good old-fashioned Arm Wrestling, Stallone-style. These red and blue tough guys look , more like Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots than forearm foes, but they’ve got it where it counts to go Over the Top. Players must tap a button continuously as it moves around on the screen. You can play against another person in tabletop style, or compete against a computer-generated character.


Beer Pong HD (Free) There are only a few sports in the world that you can play when you are three sheets to the wind (drunk, that is) and even fewer sports that let you get even more soused while playing. Beer pong is the sport of the under-aged drinker, the college co-ed, and people who generally enjoy drinking games. If you don’t have any 18-year-olds or frat brothers living in your house, you can still enjoy a nice game of tossing a ball into a cup with this game. Players use the drag-and-let-go controls to fling the plastic projectile into a frosty cold one. You can even play while you’re at work and won’t get in trouble for reeking of booze after your lunch break.


Demolition Derby 3D ($0.99)One of my favorite pastimes when I go to the State Fair is to watch the crash ‘em up derby (AKA Demolition Derby). Nothing is more sporting than a group of drunk guys smashing into each other with all their might using cars that started to catch on fire before they even made it into the arena. In this game, players are tasked with being the last to survive the metal mayhem.



Lawn Mower Maddness ($0.99)Why not race your opponents while getting a bit of housework out of the way at the same time. Lawnmower races are about as old as Middle America. What else are you supposed to do to pass the time? In this game, players race against other “rednecks” in a crazy kart style game that has no rules. Hit your opponent, throw tomatoes, and avoid chickens and pigs as you compete for farming glory.



Ro-Sham-Bo (Free) Rock-Paper-Scissors is the benevolent decider of all things. Who is driving to the party tonight? Ro-sham-bo. Who is paying for dinner? Ro-sham-bo. No need to fight, just solve the crisis with a little hand jive. In this particular game, players are challenged with timing as well. Tap your move too early or too late and you’ll be disqualified. There are five different modes of difficulty so you don’t have to worry about being sober when you ro-sham-bo for the wining title.


Championship Ultimate ($2.99) For all you bros out there, this game will put you in the arena with fellow Ultimate Frisbee fans. You can run, cut, pull, huck, and perform other Ultimate-type moves. Play an exhibition game or join a full tournament with 16 other teams. Read up on the rules of the game with the Ultimate Rulebook. Practice in training mode with target and layout practice and team drills. Create and customize your own team and lead them to the Ultimate championship.

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