PadGadget Essentials: This Week’s Apps and Accessories for Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Sports

This week, inspired by the 2012 Summer Olympic games in London, the Padgadget team of writers explored the world of Outdoor Sports. We took you through a series of apps and accessories for athletes, coaches and enthusiastic fans alike. Here is a roundup of this week’s outdoor sports excitement.


To begin our week, our App Series focused on Apps for Runners and Cyclists, followed closely by a great list of apps for those of you who love baseball.

curlyappFor our readers with a case of Olympic fever half as strong as the one we caught, we recommended you grab Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports to learn “everything a burgeoning fan needs to know: the sport’s rules, tips on technique, and points of interest.”

sportsWhether you are an experienced athlete or just getting started, stretching properly beforehand is very important. We shared with you the Five Best Apps for Stretching that included: Learn Pilates ($1.99), Simply Yoga ($2.99), Stretch by Poworkout ($2.99), Facilitated Stretching ($19.99) and Touch Your Toes in 10 Days ($0.99).

For the coaches in the crowd, we showed you how you could turn your iPad into the ultimate coaching assistant. This coverage included a review of CoachNote, an app that puts “your team’s strategy at your fingertips.”


otterboxdefenderFor those of you taking to the great outdoors to participate in your favorite sports, we recommended you grab a rugged iPad case; consider something like the Otterbox Defender ($89.95), G-Form Extreme Portfolio ($89.99), Pelican i1075 Hardback Case ($76.46), Griffin Survivor ($79.99) or the Overboard Waterproof Protective Case ($44).

If you carry your iPad wherever you go, we took a closer look at the new MobileMount suction cup holder that just may have a few uses in the great outdoors (I’m thinking there may be places you can stick it when you want to take steady slow-motion video of your favorite athlete).

Even beyond apps and accessories, we also linked you to Apple’s new ‘All on iPad’ commercial that has been airing during the extensive Olympic coverage. The commercial highlights key iPad apps and features like: iBooks, Safari, FaceTime, Keynote, Square Register, Movies, Music (playing Mastered for iTunes albums) and iPhoto.

Are you using your iPad as a part of your Outdoor Sporting experiences? Do you have a favorite app or accessory that we haven’t seen yet?

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