Find Your Mix of Logic and Luck in Megacity HD – iPad App Review

Megacity HDWhen it comes to iPad games, we are always on the lookout for our next great addiction; enter Megacity HD. Beginning with a tutorial that promises to teach you the game in under 2 minutes, the minutes (and perhaps, hours) that follow will be filled with frustration (in a good way) as you try to solve puzzle after puzzle.

The premise behind the game is very simple, yet difficult to explain. Consider how you might build a city –houses are best placed near schools and parks and are less pleasant and inhabitable near factories and prisons.

Almost like a unique game of Solitaire, you must play the tiles you are given in order. Place them on the grid in such a way that you have enough housing to reach the identified goal for each column (printed at the top). Making bad choices counts against you, meaning it will take more than a little strategy to get where you need to go.

There are of course a few kinks that get thrown in –you must have at least one house or apartment placed in each column, for instance. Fortunately, a little wisdom will help you to fix many of your mistakes and live to place another tile.

This game is as fast-paced as your mind will go and is very easy to play (even without the soundtrack which is provided courtesy of George Gershwin). Doing well will unlock additional buildings and gain you achievements.

Megacity HD Screenshot

What I liked: I get the opportunity to evaluate a lot of apps, and I can really judge the quality by whether I want to keep playing after I’ve given all of the features a try. I actually played about a billion extra rounds of this game (okay, perhaps just a few dozen) before I realized I still had a review to write!

What I didn’t like: The tutorial is helpful, but I think it may actually be better if the first round you played also had tips that popped up on the screen to help you through. It took me a few tries before I really understood what I was doing.

To buy or not to buy: If you like puzzles that test your logic and reasoning skills, this is a really great one to grab –you will not be disappointed (I couldn’t put it down)!

  • App Name: Megacity HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.60
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: ColePowered
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:


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