Slow Motion Video Analysis with Ubersense Coach — iPad App Review

Ubersense CoachEvery athlete knows what they should be doing in order to excel… at least in theory. For serious athletes, capturing their own personal fast-paced sports action for later analysis can be a very valuable training tool. Using Ubersense Coach, athletes or their coaches can record high-quality slow-motion video and “give feedback using the app’s annotation tools.”

Ubersense Coach lets you take your training to the next level and make the most of your practice time.

For those wanting to remember the feedback given by themselves or their coaches, listen to recorded audio or text memos while watching your video at full speed, slow motion or paused. This feature is especially valuable if you are sharing videos back and forth between multiple people who are offering expertise and advice.

Want something even more visual? Use your finger to swipe at your video and engage the drawing tools to show desired angles, slips in form and other visual suggestions for improvement.

Ubersense Coach is ideal for nearly any sport, including tennis, baseball, cycling, basketball, running, skiing, gymnastics and track & field but also for any performing art where perfect technique is the goal. Consider grabbing this app if you are involved in performance-based activities like yoga, pilates, dance, fitness, musical instruments, and physical therapy.

What I liked: Comparison tools in the app let you see how your performance rates against past attempts or those made by teammates or your coaches.

What I didn’t like: By creating an account with the UberSense cloud drive you can upload, archive, and share videos and feedback. It would be nice if there was support for other cloud services instead of forcing users into this when they likely already have an alternative.

To buy or not to buy: If you are an athlete or coach who takes your sport seriously, this is a valuable tool and a steal for the price!


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