New Cartoon Network iPad App Let’s You Watch Cartoons while Playing Games

Do you remember watching cartoons as a kid, wishing you were tricking Gargamel with the Smurfs, or repelling down the sides of buildings with G.I. Joe? It seemed impossible then, but thanks to technology and some imaginative thinking from Cartoon Network, kids can now have a little more interaction with their favorite characters.

No, they won’t be saving the world with Ben 10, but they will be playing fun games while watching him battle the forces of evil.

The popular app by Cartoon Network allows cable subscribers live streaming access to much of the channel’s content. Watch full episodes of your favorite show, including current episodes the day after they air, play games and earn points to help unlock collectable cards.

The Cartoon Network app was just updated today and version 2.0 now lets users play games while watching cartoons at the same time from their iPad. When you watch one of the app’s “Shows on the Go,” like Ben 10, from the iPad, you flip your tablet over and play a Ben 10 game at the same time. Users can build virtual collector cards from resources that are earned by watching the episode and playing the game.

“The viewing habits of kids are changing every day and they are using mobile devices and tablets more than ever,” said Chris Waldron, vice president digital for Cartoon Network. “We know they love our shows and games and have observed them participating in both simultaneously, yet on different platforms. It just made sense to bring all that together into an experience they can’t find anywhere else but at Cartoon Network.”

The app is free to download and is available in the App Store. You must be a subscriber to a participating provider, such as AT&T U-verse, BendBroadband, Cablevision Optimum, Charter, Cox, Dish, DirectTV, and others, in order to be able to access content within the app.

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