Upcoming New iPhone/iPad Dock Connector Expected to Be ‘MagSafe-Like’

Will it be the same? Will it be smaller? Will it have 30 pins or 19 pins or nine pins? Rumors of a smaller dock connector for Apple’s upcoming new generation of devices are all the rage. Dock connectors are the new iPad mini, if you will. New images have just been leaked that may or may not point to the possibility that Apple is doing away with the old way of plugging things into the iPad and iPhone in exchanging for the MagSafe hotness that Apple uses on its laptop computers.

According to French website nowhereelse.fr [translated with Google Translate], who obtained the images through their “Chinese correspondences,” the dock connector has a metal ring around it, which MacRumors thinks may be evidence that Apple is replacing the current design with MagSafe connectors.

MagSafe is a magnetically attached power connector that Apple created for the MacBook Pro a few years back. The design allows for the connector to remain securely in place, but if the cord is pulled, it releases from the dock, instead of yanking the device with it, or even worse, damaging the port.

If this rumor proves to be true, we have a lot of useless cords and accessories to deal with. Think of all those speaker docks, chargers, stands, and spare cables you have lying around right now. They will all be useless with the next iteration of iPhone and iPad if Apple moves to the MagSafe-like dock connector.  Hopefully, those rumors about a mini dock adapter are true.

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