Turn the iPad Into the Ultimate Coach’s Assistant

sportsWatching the Olympics gets us all thinking about sports and athletes, but credit isn’t always given to the people behind the scenes: the coaches.

Part teacher, part strategist, part cheerleader and definitely the strongest support center for amateur and professional athletes and teams, coaches can certainly harness the power of the iPad to make providing advice and guidance that much easier.

Consider the following ways the iPad can become the ultimate coaching assistant:

  • Video Capture and Review – One of the best ways to help train an athlete is to show them examples of the things that need correcting. Apps like Coach’s Eye ($4.99) and Ubersense Coach (Free) allow for slow motion video recording and analysis with a variety of annotation tools and comparison options.
  • Plan Your Plays – Using ChalkTalk for iPad ($4.99), coaches can devise plays and communicate with players on a virtual playing field with diagrams for Baseball, Basketball, [American] Football, Ice Hockey, Soccer (Football), Volleyball, and more! Other apps offer more targeted whiteboards for single sports such as FootballMat ($0.99) or HockeyMat ($1.99).
  • Social Networking – Whether you are giving fans a sneak peek at the upcoming season, showcasing the personality of your team or athletes or just looking to communicate and cooperate with your peers, social networking is easy with the iPad. Consider starting by getting signed up with Twitter (Free) and Tumblr (Free) for sharing photographs and videos.

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