Stick Your iPad Anywhere With MobileMount – Hands-on iPad Accessory Review

Do you take your iPad with you where ever you go? Do you like tod display it, but don’t want to lug around a big stand. MobileMount lets you stick your iPad anywhere there is a smooth, non-porous surface and anchors it tight so you can set it upright, flat, or at any angle you wish.

When MobileMount was still in it’s Kickstarter phase, we told you about its overwhelming success. The developer’s goal was to raise $20,000 in startup costs, but the project ended up earning $106,000 before the Kickstarter campaign ended. The innovative design behind the twist-to-lock suction cups is what made it such a success.

The MobileMount is made up of two discs that are attached with a ball joint. Each disc has a suction cup attached to it that sits on top of a twistable mechanism. When the discs are twisted into the locking position, all air is sucked out of the suction cups, making them nearly impossible to remove, and making them extraordinarily secure.

The cups latch tightly to any glossy surface. For example, stick the MobileMount to windows, mirrors, backsplashes, tile countertops, and even your desktop computer screen. The adjustable ball joint allows the iPad to be repositioned in a plethora of angles.

Since the suction cups must be adhered to a glossy surface for maximum sticking power, the MobileMount comes with four self-adhesive vinyl circles. The iPad’s backside is made of a matte finish metal surface that doesn’t keep the mount securely in place. In order to ensure that your iPad won’t drop to the ground, stick a vinyl circle to the backside. I recommend placing the sticker closer to the edge of the iPad so that the mount can have more versatility in its adjustability. Since there are four stickers, why not place one at the portrait position and one at the landscape position.

I didn’t trust this mount at first. It is so small, and the suction cups seem like they will give at any moment. However, I slapped a vinyl circle to the back of my iPad and stuck my iPad to every glossy surface in the house and it never came unstuck, not once.

The design of the MobileMount does not lend itself to roughhousing. I noticed that the iPad would jiggle around a lot when I played certain touch-heavy games with it. It is also not ideal for typing. The mount angles the iPad perfectly for typing. However, when you start pecking away at the keys, the tablet starts bouncing.

I hate the idea of sticking things to my iPad. Unfortunately, in order for the MobileMount to work with the iPad, the vinyl sticker is necessary. I’m not sure I can say it is meant to be removable or reusable. However, I peeled the sticker off without leaving behind any residue at all. I also stuck the sticker right onto its paper backing after removing it from my iPad and then reapplied it later without any sticking issue.

This innovative double suction cup mount can be used with any device. You can mount your iPhone to your windshield, mount your iPad to your shower door (don’t do that, I have no idea how the steam will affect it), or mount your Kindle to your front bumper. Since it comes with four vinyl stickers, you can stick just about anything to just about anything.

The MobileMount comes in white or black and costs $39.99 with the four vinyl circles included. Interested?  You can order the MobileMount online from

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  • jonnyohio

    I want they.

  • bmichael53

    You need to go to the comment page of kickstarter for this product and see how many bad comments there are. I backed this and it’s a piece of junk. Also the final product isn’t the same as the original design.

    • lorygil

      You might be using it wrong. I found it to be sturdy and useful. The only real issue I had is that I had to put a vinyl sticker on my iPad in order to get it to adhere properly. Did you use the included vinyl sticker? Why do you think it is a “piece of junk?”

      • bmichael53

        Why don’t you go through the comment page. Approx 80% of the comments are bad. It’s not just mine
        michaelb’s 4Phone

        • Chris Johnson

          It also works fine for me… The word was Michaelb hates everything…