iPad Selling Like Hotcakes in China

China had to wait longer than any other country to be able to legitimately buy the new iPad. Because of Apple’s awkward court battle with Proview Technologies over ownership of the iPad trademark, the third-generation tablet was in stasis. It didn’t hit store shelves throughout most of China until July 20. Remarkably, the country managed to capture the majority of worldwide iPad sales for the second quarter of 2012, even though Apple’s tablet didn’t go on sale until the last week of the quarter.

According to DigiTimes, 2.34 million tablets were sold in China during 2Q 12, which is a 7.8 percent increase from last quarter and a 63.4 percent increase from this time last year. Chinese prefer the iPad by a wide margin with nearly 73 percent of the market going to Apple’s tablet and the next closest competitor, Lenovo, capturing only 8.4 percent of the market. That means that Apple sold approximately 1.7 million iPads in China in 11 days, as compared to Lenovo’s less than 200,000 units in three months. The next highest selling tablet came from Eben with only about 84,940 units for the second quarter of 2012.

It looks like all of that hype surrounding the iPad in China and residents not being able to get their hands on the third-generation model ended up being better for Apple in the long run. The free advertisement that Proview’s antics created is worth the $60 million that Apple lost in the settlement.

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