Google Search for iOS Upcoming Update Will Bring Siri-Like Capabilities

Google just announced that in a few days, it will be releasing an exciting new version of its Google Search application for the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod Touch. Why is it exciting? Google is promising Siri-like capabilities in the app.

The app will accept voice-based questions and answers. If you ask for the weather, it will tell you, mirroring the Google voice capabilities that were introduced with Android 4.1.

According to The Verge, who was able to see the new search engine app first hand, it comes equipped with a clean interface that follows Google’s well known white-space aesthetic, and it works just like the Google Now version made for Android’s Jelly Bean.

The app is able to process contextual awareness, locating you and what you are searching for, though it simply displays straight search engine results to users. If you click one of these results, it opens a web page tab within the app.

Direct commands are also possible – if you tell it to show you a specific video, it will open YouTube to play the requested clip.

Like both Siri and Google Now, Google’s new iOS app can identify who you are. Asking it a personal question, such as “when is my flight?” will give you your flight information. The app is not a clone of Google Now, bringing just Voice Search to the iOS app while leaving out Now’s information cards.

Google did not provide an exact release date for the app, but it should be available in the App Store within a few days. The app does bear striking resemblance to Siri. Will Apple let it into the App Store?

[via The Verge]

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