Take Me Out to the Ball Game With These Top Baseball Games for the iPad


Whether you’re sitting behind the home plate or way out in left field, baseball is a sport that can be enjoyed on any level. Watching the action from the third row at third base is just as exiting as lounging in the lawn seats is relaxing.  If you are itching for some pitching (thank you, I know), than we’ve got a couple of baseball games that are sure to be a home run in your iPad’s game folder.

iOOTP Baseball 2012 Edition ($4.99) This game is probably the most comprehensive baseball simulation app for iOS. You won’t be controlling players while they take the bases, but you will be controlling who gets paid what and who starts the game in the first round. The app includes updated rosters of the current season of Major League Baseball, including player histories, individual stats and more. Create your team from different eras of baseball, including rosters for that year and financial information from that time in history. Simulate specific innings with the pitch-by-pitch feature or modify league rules. If you are a bigger fan of facts and stats than you are the crack of the bat, then this robust simulation game will tickle your fancy.

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 ($0.99) If you’ve always wanted to be in control of your favorite Major League Baseball team, you’re dreams can come true with this universal app. Play with 30 different teams, including 800 actual MLB players from the most recent season. Compete in Season, Exhibition and Homerun Derby modes. You can even collect and customize thousands of Major League player cards and manage your own team for the championships. The app is updated regularly to show current MLB player stats, positions, rotations and more. For such a low price, you couldn’t see this kind of baseball action, even in left field.

Baseball Superstars 2012 (Free) Train your team to be the champions while winning your way through the ranks. You can manage an entire team, or focus on batting or pitching alone. Play various challenges and missions or go head to head against others in multiplayer mode. The game is free to play, but you can add special equipment or add power ups with in-app purchases. Be warned. This is not a serious baseball game. You may get addicted to the season, but don’t expect Derek Jeter to grab a bat and start swinging. The art is anime style, which means lots of superfluous, well-endowed ladies and confusing dialogue. You won’t be disappointed.

Flick Baseball Pro HD ($4.99) With this 3-D game, you can choose from 34 different teams, each with their own stats that change as the games are played. If you don’t like the teams on offer, create your own by customizing players stats and team colors. This accelerometer-based game uses the iPad’s movement to control batting and pitching. There are two difficulty modes and three or nine inning games. You can compete in the playoffs, or play an entire season and track your progress, rank and stats. The simulation feature will allow you to simulate a single game or as many as 20 games at a time. You can also share your game scores with friends through various social media sites.

XLARGE “X-Baseball” (Free) Go back in time for a little bit of pixilated pitching. This retro-style game will put an 8-Bit swing in your stride. You won’t be managing any Major League teams, but you will be swinging away with arcade-style gameplay. The real goal is to see how many birds you can pick off with your pop flies. Once you’ve mastered your aim you’ll be competing in a different kind of league, the Game Center League. The graphics may be pixilated but the action is packed. When you’re ready to take a break from all of the baseball season stresses, hit a couple out of the park with this casual game.

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  • Lord British

    Highly recommend iOOTP if you like stats, it’s fantastic