iPad Slowly but Surely Diminishing Traditional PC Market

The world of technology is changing. In my lifetime alone, I’ve seen computers change from being so big they took up entire rooms to being so small you could fit them in your pocket. As technology changes, computer companies must work hard to compete. Unfortunately, no one thought about what would happen if computers were replaced by tablets, and more specifically, replaced by the iPad.

Tech analysts are reporting declines in overall PC sales while iPad sales are growing at a rapid pace. In July, IDC reported a 10.6 percent decline in PC sales in the US, while Gartner estimated a 5.7 percent decline. No one is arguing that PCs are going the way of the dinosaur, but there is some question as to who is causing it and whether it will stop.

Apple Insider believes that the iPad is the cause of the decline. “Greatly increased sales of Apple’s iPad, introduced just two years ago, have clearly replaced millions of PC sales among consumers, education and in the enterprise across a variety of tasks where Apple’s easy to manage and use device has replaced conventional desktop PCs, full sized notebooks and economy netbooks.”

Does anyone even own a working netbook anymore?

Canalys had a much higer number for overall PC shipments. Instead of a decline, the analysis firm is reporting an 11.7 percent growth. The reason their numbers are so different is that they consider the iPad and other tablets to be PCs. Most of Canalys’ estimates come from iPad sales, giving Apple a 19.4 percent combined share of PC sales and 59.6 percent annual growth.

Barclay analyst Ben Reitzes told investors that smartphones and the iPad are having a damaging impact on the PC market.  He believes that the mobile market is cannibalizing traditional PC tasks and creating all new uses for smartphones and tablets through apps.

“While PCs certainly don’t go away, we simply do not believe that consumers and corporations have enough ‘wallet’ to grow the PC market given the need to invest in new gadgets and platforms,” Said Reitzes.

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