Improve the iPad Speaker with Soundbender — An Approved Kickstarter Project

Does listening to music through your iPad’s tiny speaker make you wish you could hear just a little bit better? What’s that, you say? You’ll have to speak up into my ear horn.

SoundBender, a Kickstarter project from Simply Amazinc, is a simple iPad accessory that promises to amplify sounds from the iPad speaker much in the way an old-fashioned ear horn or ear trumpet would. But don’t worry, it looks a lot cooler than this:

Like the amusingly shaped ear horn, Soundbender needs no power source to amplify sound. Its design bends sound waves in the listener’s direction, an approach that is simple, yet effective.

The Soundbender’s sleek design clips directly onto the iPad using magnets. These magnets make the device harder to lose when it’s not in use because the user can store it on the refrigerator or file cabinet.

This handy device comes in white and black — the limited edition green and red units sold out already! SoundBender is compatible with all three iPad generations. It also works in concert with the iPad Smart Cover.

SoundBender will also put an iPad into sleep mode, like the Smart Cover does, when its placed over the volume control area. Sweet!

Although many of the early-bird rewards are sold out, backers can still pledge just $12 to get one SoundBender in black or white, with delivery expected before the end of August, 2012. Interested backers need to pledge before the funding period ends on August 18, 2012.

Does this product look familiar? SoundBender ran a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. Backing the current campaign, however, is the only way to get the updated Soundbender 2.0, which is enhanced to work better with the new iPad.

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