Guide Chickens to Safety in Chillingo’s Non Flying Soldiers – iPad App Review

Non Flying Soldiers is a universal strategy game app currently available for free from the makers of Angry Birds that tests your physics puzzling skills. While you command your troop of squawking chickens through a series of increasingly challenging levels, you’ll guide your chickens past obstacles such as flaming hoops, spinning blades and deadly drops.  Your goal is to get as many chickens as possible safely to the other side, gathering medals and coins for extra points and trophies.

If you manage to save the required number of soldiers for the main mission, you can move on to the next level.  Secondary missions are won by achieving the extras such as getting all of your soldiers across the finish line, gathering up to three medals along the way, and completing the mission within a set time.  The first few levels are very easy to get you used to the gameplay, then it amps up the difficulty level to really engage your mind.

You are given a variety of objects to place throughout the course to help guide the chickens, starting with simple logs, and as the obstacles grow more challenging you get new objects to help you tackle them, like springboard ramps for jumping over sections of deadly spikes or speed bursts to help chickens cross sticky oil spills.  Each level has a set total of obstacles you can set up, but you can choose any combination of what is available, making it even more challenging to determine exactly what you need to successfully move on.

The graphics are incredible, particularly the animations at the start of each campaign, and the game utilizes the iPad’s gyroscope to let you tilt and view each course from different angles both while you set up and send the chickens through the course.  Using the different perspectives is not only fun, it’s also crucial as you try to determine the best ways to position the chickens for grabbing medals and coins.

What I liked: I was immediately impressed with the amazing graphics of the introduction video and the tilt-shift perspectives on each level.  The increasing challenge of the levels kept me engaged as I grew more determined to figure out how to succeed on all missions.

What I didn’t like:  I would have liked a tutorial to get started, and the hints it does offer are useless if you’re trying to grab all of the medals – even the introduction hints for new objects often had me put it in a place that directly blocked access to a medal.  I also got frustrated with the amount of trial and error it took as I made minute adjustments to the barriers – sometimes I wouldn’t change anything and a chicken that successfully made it through once died on the next round.

To buy or not to buy:  This app is good deal at the regular price of $0.99, but you’ve got nothing to lose right now because Chillingo is offering it for free for a limited time – grab it while you can!

  • App Name: Non Flying Soldiers
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.2
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Chillingo
  • Price: $0.99 (but FREE for a limited time!)
  • Score:

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