Has Your iPad Been Invaded by Zombies?


Zombies themselves may be dead, but as an iOS game genre they are anything but. Join us as we take a look at a few of the latest games that feature undead and animated corpses.

1. ARMY VS ZOMBIEARMY VS ZOMBIE – by GRIZZLE (Free) – Battle an army of undead troops in a game with a sophisticated back story in which Hitler has created a “military [of] immortal Zombie troops in the forbidden way to turn the war situation pushed by the Allied Forces into his favor during Second World War.” If you enjoy action defense games, this one will keep you addicted and engaged with fantastic graphics across over 75 stage and 6 boss units (even when it rains in the game, the screen will flash with bolts of lightning).


2. Zombie AceZombie Ace – by Hothead Games Inc. (Free) – Function as one of the stranger platform type games out there for the iPad, Zombie Ace allows you to climb and glide through the air in your plane avoiding obstacles that can knock your zombies off. Grab coins so you can upgrade your zombies and attack faster all while attacking enemy aircraft. As a side-mission, land in each city you pass to drop off enough passengers that you can infect it with the zombie plague! The interface in this game is dynamic and the graphics are fantastic, making it a joy to play regardless if whether you are into the zombie nation craze.


3. Zombie Samurai HDZombie Samurai HD – by Alawar Entertainment, Inc (Free) – The only thing cooler than a zombie is a ninja. In this fast-paced arcade style game you must protect your dojo from undead that arrive in over 15 creepy forms; “flying, walking, and creeping to eat your brains!” Be careful that you don’t kill with wild abandon as you want to avoid murdering the survivors. The more you slice and slash the enemy zombies (taking care of multiples is ideal), the more coins you will earn to repair and upgrade your dojo (which becomes especially necessary if you miss killing a dynamite-carrying zombie).


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