AT&T Data Sharing to Launch on August 23

Back in May, AT&T CEO of Mobile Business, Ralph de la Vega, revealed in an interview that AT&T was planning to launch a family shared data plan.

The company officially introduced the AT&T Mobile Share plans in July, with the entry level 1 GB per month costing a hefty $40 plus $45 per smart phone, with the upper tier of the plans priced at $200 for 20 GB and $30 per smart phone.

Today AT&T announced that the new mobile plans will be available for customers on August 23, though pricing has remained the same.

A family of four that doesn’t use much data can score a phone plan that equals out to $55 per person per month, while data hungry families can snag a plan with 20 GB per month that equals out to $80 per phone per month (for a family of four).

Laptops, Mobile Hotspots, and Tablets can be added to shared data plans for between $10 and $20 per month. Basic phones, with only talk and messaging capabilities, can be added to the plan for an additional $30.

Depending on your family’s data needs, these plans offer some savings over traditional plans, though not much. If you don’t know how much data your family uses on average, AT&T has provided a data calculator that lets you estimate your usage per family member.

Unfortunately, these plans require an activated smartphone, and cannot be used with tablets and laptops alone. Will you be switching to one of AT&Ts shared data plans?

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