Apple to Kill Google’s YouTube App on iPad and iPhone in iOS 6

It appears that Apple is making even more of a split with Google in its upcoming mobile operating system update scheduled to be released this fall. According to 9to5Mac, the fourth-generation beta of iOS 6 has removed YouTube.  The Verge confirmed this discovery with Apple directly, who told the site that their “licence to include YouTube in iOS has expired.

Although you won’t have that familiar antique tube television icon on your iPad anymore, you can still access YouTube through mobile web browsers like Safari, and Google is supposedly working on a YouTube app that will be available for download in the App Store.

If you don’t upgrade to iOS 6, you will still be able to keep the native YouTube app on your device. Apparently, the license allows it to stay on older operating systems.

TheNextWeb ran down a list of reasons why YouTube won’t be in the next mobile operating system update. One reason may be that, since the Web has moved over to HTML5 encoded video, Apple just doesn’t need YouTube anymore. The user-based video site used to be the main source of HTML coding, while the rest of the Internet was still using Flash. Now that everyone has seen the light, Apple can let go. Another possible reason is that Google doesn’t want Apple to keep YouTube so tightly sealed up anymore. As long as it has been included with iOS, the app has not changed. Now that Google has it back, they can update, rearrange, reorganize, redesign, or re-whatever they want to do to the app.

Whatever the true reason, we won’t be seeing that little vintage television set on our iPads with iOS 6. That is, unless Goggle gets an app approved in time for the release.

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  • lorygil

    Admittedly, I don’t think I’ll miss the YouTube app either. I rarely use it. For the number of times I access YouTube from my iPad, I could just as easily go through Safari.

  • Mac-i

    Not only did the app icon of YouTube look like an antique tube television, but also sometimes, it seemed like it worked like an antique. I stopped using it awhile back when I found out about the Sling Adapter from a co-worker of mine at Dish. Since then, I got one of my own, and I’ve been using the Dish Remote Access app to watch live TV and my DVR recordings seamlessly on my iPad.