Top Radio Apps for the iPad

radioRadio has been around for as long as we can remember, transmitting everything from the human voice to your favorite music. The radio is an excellent and trusted companion, speaking to you by way of charismatic hosts or customized and specialized music playlists.

Whether you are looking to listen to your favorite talk-radio personality from wherever you may be or you just want exposure to new artists and the latest music, the iPad can help!

There are certainly a lot of options available to you, so allow us to take this opportunity to recommend a few that you should make standard-issue on your iPad.

1. PandoraPandora Radio (Free) – Offering free and personalized radio, Pandora is an adaptive engine that takes music you identify (by way of a favorite artist, song or classical composer) and creates a custom radio station based on tunes that are similar (with ongoing rating as you listen that lets you filter out choices you don’t actually enjoy). The service is free, but an in-app subscription for $3.99 per month will get you higher quality audio and make your experience ad-free.


2. SiriusXMSiriusXM (Free) – If you are anywhere near as addicted to satellite radio as I am, the SiriusXM app will become a necessary edition to your iPad. Letting you listen to what you want, when you want, this app allows you to go back in radio-time up to 5 hours so you don’t have to be up early to listen to your favorite morning-show hosts (use the ‘start now’ feature to start a program from the beginning even if you join in late as well). The app is free as long as you have an active subscription to their service.


3. Tune In RadioTuneIn Radio (Free) – If you like radio, then you need to have this app! TuneIn Radio allows you to “listen to music, sports, and news from every corner of the earth, with over 70,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs!” Whether you listen regularly to ESPN, BBC, CBS, TEDTalks ro even many of your local stations, this app is your all-access pass. Sure you can search for songs, rewind and pause live radio and stream using AirPlay but my favorite feature of this app is being able to use it as an alarm clock and wake to one of your preset stations.


4. iHeartRadioiHeartRadio for iPad (Free) – With access to more than 1,000 Live Stations and a catalog of over 14 million songs and 400,000 artists, iHeartRadio is your connection to your favorite music and radio programs. Whether you choose to tune into the best of live radio or you create your own commercial-free, uninterrupted custom radio station based on your own preferences, this app is a must-have. A core strength of this app is the auto-sync features that allows you to listen to your same favorites across the Web, your iPad and mobile apps.


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