Top 5 iPad Music Discovery Apps for the Curious Audiophile

The iPad is, unquestionably, a boon to music lovers. While there are countless ways to enjoy tunes on your tablet, including simply playing uploaded songs through Apple’s Music app, streaming radio, and all-you-can-listen subscription services, we’ve highlighted a few apps that will help curious listeners find a continuous stream of go-to tunes.

1. Spotify (Free) Oh, Spotify, how I do love thee. With the recent addition of a radio feature to Spotify (27 genre stations, plus the ability to start radio from any track), it is now the go-to music app for anyone who wants unprecedented selection, a gorgeous interface, and integrated social features. Spotify does charge a $10 monthly fee for premium service, but that’s money well-spent for the insatiable music lover.

2. NPR Music (Free) NPR Music brings all the musical features from the radio networks broadcasts and former web-only extras such as the Tiny Desk Concerts and packs all the articles, videos, and live concerts into an elegant, free package. While there is undoubtedly an “NPR sound” —  the app is  likely to offer up Neko Case or Amadou and Mariam — but its also possible that a listener will encounter music that is new to her since the app covers Jazz, Classical, and Folk music as well as Rock, Hip-Hop, and Electronic.

3. Groovebug (Free) Still carrying your tunes around on your device? Anyone who hasn’t ponied up for Spotify or Slacker Radio needs Groovebug. This free app scans the music stored on your iPad then brings relavent stories about your favorite artists from the internet right to your iPad. Groovebug also recommends artists to check out based on those you already love.

4. Discovr Music ($1.99) Discovr Music isn’t new, but singular its UI continues to deserve praise. The app visualizes the connections between musicians by linking digital bubbles that pop open when the user taps one. The linked bubbles form evolving digital maps that can trace the evolution of popular music. Read our full review here.

5. Pocket Hipster HD (Free) Pocket Hipster still cracks me up. This app, created by We Are Hunted, aims to entertain as it suggests new tunes. If you want less snark with with your tunes, check out Pocket Popstar HD, which is the sweet to Pocket Hipster’s salt. Read our full review here.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

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