Must Have iPad Accessories for Musicians

If you’re a musician, either professional or aspiring, the iPad can be a helpful tool. Not only are there a slew of helpful musical apps available in the App Store, but there are also several great accessories on the market.

We hunted down some of the best iPad accessories for musicians, so make sure to take a look at our list. You might just find something you can’t live without!

iRig ($39.99) – The iTar up there in the photo was an unsuccessful Kickstarter project, and it seems that most people don’t want to turn their iPads into guitars. You can, however, hook your guitar up to your iPad using the handy dandy iRig, which turns the tablet into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass sound studio. The iRig works with the accompanying AmpliTube app, which is a fully featured guitar and bass tone app that comes equipped with popular amp sounds.


iPic ($14.99) – The iPic stylus from Woodees is designed to look and feel like a traditional guitar pick while using it with your iPad. While it’s great for day to day tasks, it’s meant to be used with musical apps, like the Miso Music: Plectrum app. So not only does it look cool, it’s functional too, allowing you to play all of your favorite stringed instruments right on the iPad. As a bonus, you can also turn it to the side and use it as a real guitar pick for your guitar if you find yourself in a pinch.


Griffin Stompbox ($59.99) – The Stompbox from Griffin is a professional quality pedal that can be plugged into the iPad. It comes with four assignable foor switches and an industry-standard 1/4″ mono jack plug to recreate the experience of an actual pedalboard on the iPad. You can use it to control guitar and effects apps like JamUpPro and iShred LIVE, using it to access app features like the metronome, tuner, and more. If you use a compatible app, it’s a must have.


iKlip ($39.99) – Made by the same company that produces the iRig, the iKlip stand is a multi-angle lightweight microphone stand adapter that allows you to attach your iPad to most microphone stands so that you can use your iPad while on stage, in the studio, or during practice. It is adjustable, allowing it to be moved into any position for optimal viewing and accessibility, leaving all iPad ports open. In addition to microphone stands, it can also be mounted on other types of musical equipment thanks to a universal stand clip.


Jambox ($199) – The most essential piece of equipment for any musician or music enthusiast is a great iPad speaker. Though there are plenty of options on the market, the Jawbone Jambox is stylish, portable, and most importantly, it gets consistently good reviews on perfomance and sound quality. This wireless speaker is powered by proprietary acoustic drivers, which are able to deliver extreme high and low frequences from a single small speaker. It’s loud, portable, and it sounds great, making it a good speaker solution.

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