Is the iPad a Good Workout Device?

fitnessMany of us are trying our best to be healthier and looking for any tool to help us with that endeavor –and those of us with an iPad are wondering if it may fit that bill. The truth is that the iPad can definitely become your workout companion, as long as you consider both the strengths and weaknesses.

When compared with the iPhone or iPod Touch, the iPad is certainly not as compact and portable. There isn’t any easy way to harness your iPad against your body in order to take it running or use it for listening to music while you are at the gym. But where does it excel? How can you use the strengths of the iPad to take advantage of it as a workout device?

  • Research and Learning – There are a number of health and fitness magazines and other publications available for the iPad that could become good companions offering helpful advice on the go. Surf your favorite websites, bookmark workout routines that you would like to visit –even watch how-to videos on a screen large enough to really demonstrate the movements you are trying to learn.
  • Entertainment – Personally, the iPad is my constant workout companion because it means I can pass the time I spend on the treadmill quickly by watching Netflix or other video services. While it may not be easy to take with me to listen to tunes, the iPad also gives me access to my iTunes Match music library while I am doing exercises that have me stationary for longer periods of time.
  • Diary and Tracking – Want to track your measurements? Want to keep track of how many reps you were able to do at a particular weight? Want to see which workout routine you did last time you were at the gym? Record and review all of these things and more using your iPad.

So is the iPad your perfect workout companion? It certainly can be if you think about it the right way. It is true that it won’t work well as a pedometer and you won’t want to carry it with you on that run –but as a support tool it is top notch.

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