Parachute Panic HD is Jumping Onto A Doodle Screen Near You – iPad App Review

Parachute Panic HD is an action-packed arcade style game where players must tap and swipe their troopers to safety. Watch out for helicopters and aliens, though. Those parachutes aren’t made out of steel.

Players must help a stick figure trooper land safely onto a ship after jumping out of a plane. To do so, tap the falling soldier while he is in mid air and swipe the screen in any direction to simulate shifting wind. Swiping downward will send your paratrooper to the ground faster and swiping upward will help him grab bonuses that may have slipped past when he was on his way down.

There are obstacles that get in the way of your troopers as they float to safety. The storm cloud will electrocute them, the helicopter will chop them to bits and the UFO will pull them up in a tractor beam to be probed at a later date.

There are also power ups that help generate points. There are blowfish that jump high and give extra bonus points, baby-carrying storks that replace a lost life, and there is a cameo appearance by a well-known doodle jumper.


Players earn tokens by playing challenges against others. You can play against friends who also have the game, or pick a random player to be paired with. Each challenge costs a certain amount of coins to play, but if you win the game, you earn tokens. Tokens are used to unlock new graphic themes. Instead of waiting until an opponent is ready, players take their turn trying to save as many troopers as possible. Once finished, you have to wait for your opponent to finish before you find out the results. If you don’t end up playing against someone within 48 hours, your original coin payment is returned to you.


This game is entertaining and challenging. You only get about 30 seconds into the game before the action sets in. At any given time, you might have four troopers, a helicopter, a storm cloud, and a stork, all in need of your attention. You’ll be up to your neck in action before you know it.


What I liked: My favorite part of this game is actually the sound track. The music is made up of a group of guys that are singing the game’s story. “I’m falling down, I’m falling down, all the way down…” when your game ends, the song goes, “The game is over… not forever… I can’t believe it…”

What I didn’t like: I’m a little confused about the multiplayer games. There are a lot of options for the type of game you want to try, but no clear instructions for what to do or how to do it. You figure it out by trial and error, for the most part.

To buy or not to buy: This is definitely a great buy for fans of casual arcade type games. The price is reasonable and it will bring hours of enjoyment.

  • Name: Parachute Panic HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.9.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: FDG Entertainment
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:

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