Can Samsung Really be this Dumb? Releases Excluded Evidence in Apple Patent Trial

SamsungWith an entry into the category of ‘are you kidding me?’ moves, Samsung has released two batches of evidence and an official statement to the media that were intentionally excluded from the trial currently underway in San Jose, California by the presiding judge, Lucy Koh.

I may not be a legal expert, but I am willing to bet that most judges aren’t generally too thrilled with people going behind their backs and going against their specific judgements.

The now-public statement, as released by Samsung reads:

The Judge’s exclusion of evidence on independent creation meant that even though Apple was allowed to inaccurately argue to the jury that the F700 was an iPhone copy, Samsung was not allowed to tell the jury the full story and show the pre-iPhone design for that and other phones that were in development at Samsung in 2006, before the iPhone. The excluded evidence would have established beyond doubt that Samsung did not copy the iPhone design. Fundamental fairness requires that the jury decide the case based on all the evidence.

Following the release, Apple made an official statement that indicated they took great offense to Samsung’s disregard for the rules of court. Judge Koh also issued a statement of her own, indicating that somebody should “Tell [the lawyer for Samsung, John Quinn] I’d like to see him today. I want to know who drafted the press release, who authorized it from the legal team.”

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this. Give the public cannot un-hear things they have already heard, it may be seen as a rather unfair and unreasonable advantage Apple in this case. Regardless of how it affects this case directly, it certainly goes a long way toward showing us what kind of a company Samsung is.

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  • Jurassic

    What a bunch of unscrupulous morons Samsung and their lawyers are.
    First they intentionally destroy evidence that makes them look bad. Then they go outside the courtroom, to try to influence the jury against the judge’s instructions.
    What is even funnier, is that the phones that they show in their release don’t look like the iPhone’s design (hardware or UI).
    Samsung and their lawyers are using the flaccid defense that their phones before the iPhone were rectangular and had a large screen. Those phones do not infringe Apple’s patents.
    However, it is the Samsung phones that came AFTER the iPhone (as shown in Apple’s graphic) that copy both the hardware and UI design, and infringe Apple’s patents.

    • Richvtx18

      Get a life, apple sucks ass!!! They are no better than Samsung. Apple stole things from other companies.. They don’t own the right to improve technology.

      • Richvtx18

        They’re just passed that we can by just as good products for cheaper.

  • jake

    Ya go Samsung there rite that arument should have Ben admissible and now the jury can’t unsee the truth

  • riceryder

    Judge is Bias. Apple is Rotten. Author of this Article is DUMB!!

  • Jillian Halayka

    Isn’t that the equivalent of vigilante justice?