Android Makes Little Progress in Taking Market Share from iPad

Ever since the iPad was released in 2010, it has absolutely dominated the tablet market. No other tablet has ever been able to come close to matching its sales, though we are seeing some potential competition with the release of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

Pingdom recently took an in-depth look at tablet market share values, to give an accurate assessment of the current standings in the ongoing “tablet war.” The result? Apple is still the tablet king.

Pingdom’s data was taken from StatCounter, and was based on web usage (visitor stats from more than three million websites), so it is representative of tablets being used to surf the web.

Worldwide, Apple is still responsible for 87.5 percent of web traffic, with Android making up most of the remaining 13 percent. Other tablets clocked in with hardly any share at all.

The numbers are similar in the United States, with the iPad taking an 87.5 percent share while Android has a mere 10.5 percent share. Android had the greatest web presence in South America, with a 21.4 percent share compared to Apple’s 77.4 percent.

Compared to similar results from a survey done in November of 2011, Android has managed to gain a bit of a foothold. Apple’s worldwide web browsing share was 87.9 percent in November, down to 85.7 percent this month. It’s an increase for Android, but a small one.

Since the Nexus 7 hasn’t quite been around long enough to impact this survey, it’ll be interesting to see Pingdom’s follow up.

Will the robust tablet finally be able to steal away a significant amount of tablet market share from Apple? There are a lot of iPads out there, so Google will need to sell quite a few Nexus 7 tablets. Will it happen? What’s your prediction?

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