Yahoo Revamps IntoNow iPad App With New Update

IntoNow, Yahoo’s highly rated TV companion app, received a significant update today, improving the way that people discover content on their televisions.

If you’re not familiar with IntoNow, it’s an app that is able to automatically detect a live or recorded television show when pointed at a TV, to provide information on the program.

In addition, the app is designed to display related content and offer personalized recommendations, all of which was improved with IntoNow 3.0.

A newly integrated TV and Music Sync feature will deliver the most relevant content to supplement television shows, including songs, polls, trivia, and more, while it happens on the TV. Music Sync is a fun addition, because it allows users to automatically identify a song that is being played during a show, whether it’s a featured song or simply something playing in the background.

CapIt, a brand new addition to the app, allows people to capture and share important TV moments like a funny scene, a red carpet event, or breaking news. App users can tap a button and the app will synchronize and deliver still images of the program being shown on the TV, which can then be uploaded to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

IntoNow 3.0 has also added group chat, which allows people to create instant private conversations with friends and family right in the IntoNow app. Users can also form groups for TV events like season premieres, and set up recurring chat conversations while favorite shows are playing.

If you don’t already have Yahoo’s IntoNow app, you can download it for free from the App Store. Do you use IntoNow? What do you think of the new features?

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