Top Music Themed Games for the iPad

The iPad’s innovative design and touch sensitive screen have allowed games to combine music and simple touch gestures in all new ways on the device, and as a result, there are hundreds of fantastic rhythm-based games in the App Store.

There are a few, though, that stand out above the rest, and those are the games you’ll find on this list.

Beat Sneak Bandit ($2.99) – This rhythm stealth puzzle game is ultra popular for a good reason – it’s tons of fun! In this game, the clocks have been stolen by Duke Clockface, and it is your job to get them back. The controls are rhythm-based, so you will need to tap to the beat to sneak, a task that’s much harder than it sounds. This game is best played with headphones because you will need to listen to and learn rhythm patterns to get through the level.


Pulse: Volume One ($1.99) – In this gorgeous game, players will take on the role of a conductor, a note-captor, and a multi-touch master, tapping on speeding notes as they cross through the screen to create and conduct beautiful melodies. Pulse features a sleek, eye-catching design and more than an hour of original music. It’s eclectic soundtrack will reel you in, and its simple design will keep you playing hour after hour.


Groove Coaster ($2.99) – It’s hard to explain Groove Coaster in words, but it’s essentially a musical rhythm roller coaster with simple, one touch controls. The goal is to tap in time to the beat and in time to the visual cues on the screen, leveling up and unlocking new characters and new gameplay elements. This is one of the best rhythm games in the App Store, with music that covers genres from rock and pop to hip-hop and techno.


Disco Kitten ($0.99) – In this adorable game, you’ll play as Punka, a rhythmic robo-kitten who has been tasked with collecting energy from canisters to feed a giant, hungry head. Your job will be to use your fingers to teleport Punka around the screen, and if you manage to string together rhythmic combos, you’ll be able to trigger the fast-paced disco time. This game features original gameplay and plenty of awesome music.


Beat Hazard Ultra ($2.99) – Beat Hazard Ultra is a music-based arcade shooter that uses your own music. You can blast away to the sound of your favorite tracks while watching your firepower pulse to the beat of the music. Each level is created from your own iTunes collection, though you can also play to Internet radio stations. You can play in one stick or two stick mode, which is more challenging, and the stunning graphics will blow your mind.

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