The Ultimate High-End Headphones for Your iPad

iPad HeadphonesThe perfect pair of headphones is the ‘little black dress’ of the iPad accessories, which is to say that everybody needs to have one and they should suit each person perfectly. Just like the LBD, there are a wide variety of quality headphones to choose from, with a few that truly stand out.

Before shopping for the headphones of your dreams, consider where you will be using them – home, school or at the gym. And, what you will be listening to the most – heavy metal music, folk music or the audio from your favorite video content.

  • Noise Cancelling – Do you do a lot of traveling? Designed for your time spent in a noisy airplane cabin, these Sennheiser MM550X are among the best of the best with the ability to eliminate over 90% of cabin noise (which would work just as well on a subway or crowded bus).
  • Ear Buds – Some of my favorite speakers are made by Polk and these UltraFocus 6000 ear buds are every bit as awe inspiring, promising to create an interior “soundstage” by delivering full fidelity and deep bass.
  • Over the Ear – Ready to get really serious about your tunes? If you want to enjoy having the envy of every other audiophile out there, look no further than Denon’s AH-D7100EM. Between the company’s Free Edge Nano fiber Driver and gold-plated adapter-jacks, this toy will give you sound so acoustically pure, “it’s like hearing your favorite song for the first time.”
  • Portable – Want to carry your headphones with you? Rather than compromise on quality, consider grabbing the Ultrasone Pro 2900. The open back design of this set gives “airy and transparent sound [that] is guaranteed for everybody who does not wish a closed-back system.” For safe transportation, Ultrasone includes a beautiful hard case.

Whatever you choose, please be cautious with your hearing and use good judgement when selecting the volume you listen at.

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