Satechi Releases Headrest Mount for iPad

SatechiI am always on the lookout for great iPad accessories and occasionally one really turns my head. This was the case with the Satechi headrest mount for your vehicle.

Designed to cradle your iPad for entertainment use by backseat passengers, this mount offers all of the flexibility you could ever want –including compatibility with every model of iPad and virtually any other device in the 7-10″ range.

The concept is fantastic, with an adjustable clip providing a way to attach the Satechi headrest mount to virtually any size or type of vehicle. With additional features like a full 360 degree turning radius and left-right up-down movements, just about every viewing angle is covered.

With accessories like this you no longer have to look for vehicles with built-in entertainment systems. In a matter of moments you can have your iPad ready to play your favorite movies and set to keep the kids quiet on any road trip you may be taking this summer. Pair this one with a Bluetooth remote and you wouldn’t even need to be in the backseat in order to control the playback.

Even if you are using your iPad to read books or browse the Internet, a mount like this means not having to hold your tablet for the duration of the ride.

As the video demonstrates, this mount is very stable and very secure. Built-in rubber pads keep your iPad safe and sound and free from scratches while it is secured in the grips (and away from unsupervised and mischievous little fingers).

With the iPad mounted and the ability to swivel the device as needed it would be very easy to connect your tablet to a power source as well which is something that can be frustrating with other more confining seat-back solutions!

The Satechi Headrest Mount retails for USD $39.99 and can be purchased directly from the company on their website.

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