iPad Playbooks Let NFL Players Trash Talk Anonymously

As more teams adopt the iPad as their playbook of choice, players are finding new ways to prove to the NFL that they’re not mature enough to handle the technology.

First, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made headlines for forgetting to charge their devices, and now reports have come in that the Washington Redskins are using them to anonymously trash talk among themselves.

One of the convenient features of the new iPad platform used by the NFL is that it allows coaches to make real-time comments remotely to their players to provide feedback while reviewing game tape.  What’s great in theory is not working out so well in practice, however, as tight end Chris Cooley revealed that some Washington Redskins players discovered how to use that commenting feature to send anonymous messages to the entire team, leading to quite a bit of trash talking.

Cooley doesn’t know who first discovered it, but he’s sure that it’s catching on.  “Niles Paul told me,” Cooley said when asked about it by the Washington Post on Friday.  “I don’t know who figured it out or who started it.  Like I said, they’re anonymous.  As of [July 30], there are maybe fifty postings.  My opinion is that it will take off.”

Teams have been putting strict restrictions on app downloads and websites that players can visit on their iPads, with heavy fines as consequences, in an effort to curb inappropriate use among players.  This football-related use will likely be allowed to continue, however, since trash talking is common in locker rooms and it’s an in-house only chat feature inaccessible by other teams or the public.

Now that the Redskins have made it public, other teams will likely get it started in their own networks.  Maybe if the Bucs get into it they’ll remember to keep their iPads charged so they can stay up on the trash talk!

[via The Washington Post]

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